Our children are our greatest resource, and we should do what we can to nurture them. I hope everyone will take the time to help our children.

The Department Children & Youth Project will consist of 2 projects. The first is  Believe in Tomorrow. They provide free housing to families of children receiving critical care treatment at Johns Hopkins Children's Center. You can find more information at Believe in Tomorrow.org.

The second Youth for Christ Metro Maryland has been around since 1946. They have seven programs: Campus Life High School, City Life, Juvenile Justice Ministry, Campus Life Middle School, Campus Life Military, Deaf Teen Quest and Parent Life. Our focus will be on Campus Life Military.

Be on the lookout for a Youth Hero and Good Deed Award recipient. Contact me for applications. Youth Hero example - A young person saves a child from drowning. Good Deed example - A young person holds a bake sale to raise money for a local charity.

Josh Dog Kits are a great way to help bring comfort to a child in the hospital or who will be going into the hospital. The kit includes Josh the dog and the I'll Be O.K. book. There's also the G.I. Josh for children who have a parent(s) in the military, which also includes an I'll Be O.K. book. Cuddling a Josh dog will bring joy to a child going through a scary and stressful time. To order a gift set go to http://www.joshandfriends.com and help a child. You can also email info@joshandfriends.com or call 1-877-455-2365.

Other ways to help is to donate to the Department Children & Youth scholarship. The scholarship is for $2000.00 and it is important for each unit to give to this worthy cause. This scholarship cannot be given without your help. When filling out your unit's Department obligations and donation sheet please be generous to this very important scholarship. Thank you in advance!



Children and Youth

Carole Manzo

Sally Fayer
Vice Chairman

Chris McKay
Junior Chairman